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2009年8月18日 (火)

Your Sienna has been kitted,and boxed.

 今朝、Brian Woodからメールが届いていました。

This is a status update for Monday, August 17, 2009.


Good news! After an exhaustive search all weekend for the cause of the problem with the download software, the problem was determined to be in the bootloader code that was written by a third party (the developer of the "Megaload" utility). This code is installed by us in the upper 1024 bytes of microprocessor memory, and communicates with the Megaload utility to transfer new firmware into the Sienna. Fortunately, we have complete access to the source code and were able to find and fix the problem.


Your Sienna has been kitted, pre-assembled boards tested, and boxed. We should be able to get them out of here tomorrow, August 18, 2009. They will ship without a manual, but you can download the latest one from our web site, and we should be able to include a printed copy when we ship the remainder of the kits (transmitter, amp, cables).


We are ready to assist with any issues that may come up during assembly and test. Please keep us informed as to your progress. We are also open to all comments about the manual. In particular, if anything seems too confusing, please let us know.

Hope you all enjoy building and using your Sienna!




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